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Summary-Last C4K

Gregory, I am glad I did get a chance to give you a short comment. I'm sorry that I wasn't more positive and complimentary. Nothing personal! The main reason for my comment was because of my religious point of view. Please don't take it personal!

Part II-Blog Post #5

Personal Learning Networks are very important. They allow students to search and navigate the Internet to find pertinent information for individual projects done in class. Learning does not just exist within the classroom. It is a continuous process of seeking knowledge from other sources. Life is a learning process whether it be in the classroom or from personal experience. We can learn so much from other people in society. For instance, older people have such a large overview of knowledge for young people. When we allow ourselves to open our minds not just to classroom or textbook knowledge but realize that life is not just by the book but by experiences we have had with our families, our employment, and our experiences in school will lead us to a new and interesting path.

For instance, Randy Pausch (Randy Pausch Last Lecture:Achieving Your Childhood Dreams) had some very interesting things to say about teaching. In his monologue, Mr. Pausch mentioned some of his experiences in college when he was in graduate school. He said that he had met some in- teresting professors. He said that some of these teachers had a greater effect on him more than others. He did comment on his career as a college professor and elaborated on some of the interesting people he came in contact with along the way. He also mentioned his childhood and the things that he liked as a child. He really liked stuffed animals and going to Disney World. These were childhood treasures that he remembered throughout his adult- hood. These things brought wonderful memories to mind. He spoke about his family and the wonderful connection with his wife and children. Life can be a combination of pleasant things and some unpleasant things. We can learn from both experiences. The appalling thing that really got my attention in his monologue to the world was his experience with cancer. His overwhelming enthusiasm about an illness that they had no cure for especially got my attention. I noticed that he realized defeat in curing his illness but somehow he had made peace with it. I really thought that was very mature of him and I admired his zest for life! We should be so lucky to learn some- thing from this sad experience. We do not know what type of card life will deal us. But Randy Pausch was able to deal with the cards that were dealt him and allowed himself to grow right along with his family and friends.

I really got what was being said in that video and monologue. It's like I said in the beginning, life is not just strictly by the book but an abundance of other experiences. This helps us to grow mentally and spiritually. When we explore life and experience those sad things we learn to grow and teach others how to cope with whatever life brings us. We can teach younger ones about grown-up subjects and things in the world. As younger ones, children can learn how to deal with the more serious subjects and grasp the meaning of it all.

I also remembered one of Kelly Tenkely's blogs, How We Got to Now: a student created mini museum, where students were allowed to actually create inventions. The teacher allowed her students to have a mini museum of the many small inventions in a large auditorium. She allowed the students to be exploratory and creative. I'm sure it took a great deal of research and inquiry to create some of those inventions. They were able to think outside the box and put something together. The idea and concept of invention can be very exciting and different. Allowing young students the power of invention gives them the opportunity to focus on inventions for the future of society. Bravo! Bravo! I thought it was a great idea to put together. As adults we can learn so much from these younger ones.

Also Mr. Paul Andersen's  Blended Learning Cycle  brought some interesting points about learning. He spoke of six steps in the Blended Learning Cycle that should be followed carefully. They are as follows:
(1) Questions
(2) Investigation/Inquiry
(3) Video
(4) Elaboration
(5) Review
(6) Summary Quiz

In the video, he was able to take each one of his students through these steps to ensure that the class would incooperate The Learning Cycle into their classroom work. It is true if students are thinking about an idea or concept then that will enable them to do the research and look for reliable and informative material for the entire class to learn from. This will encourage research and investigation on the student's part. Questions will cause the student to inquire or look for the answers and do the necessary research.

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Blog Post #13

How Should Teachers Reward Students When They Behave and Do the Right Thing? 

These are pertinent questions that teachers should entertain throughout the classroom. We all know how to reprimand and punish students when they don't behave, but how do we handle the situation when they are positive and resolve to do the right thing in all respects. Just how does a good teacher handle that situation. We in turn must let our students know when they keep the code of good conduct, good manners and politeness in the classroom. We can remember back when we were small and in school and when we got a happy face or a golden star on a fantastic paper we wrote or if we drew this great picture that was hung on the classroom bulletin board for everyone to see. The joy we must have felt as a young person to be cheered on for being great at something or just doing the right thing! Kids need to know when they are in the right lane. We have to let them know when they are smart and when they have all the right answers.

Driving Question: What are some great suggestions and ideas on how to reward our kids when they do the right thing?

Please watch the following videos to help guide you on this assignment:

1. Classroom Management & Discipline, K-2, Dealing with Difficult, Challenging Students
2. Top 10 Proven Classroom Management Tips for Teachers
3. Self Control: Teaching Students About Their Greatest Inner Strength with Nathan DeWall

Friday, April 10, 2015


C4T-123D Design was talking about the way to get ideas into 3-D. It helps students to create their own videos and ideas for class. These ideas are able to help with creative design and invention. The students have access to modern printers and they can print out creations of design. I think that this is a fabulous way to get students interested in creating inventions and making the world a more creative place to be. We need to motivate our kids on becoming bigger and better inventors. The future hinges on people who can produce magnificent devices in a more technological world in which we live.

Launching a Conference was very interesting because it mentioned about a teacher getting ready for a conference and comparing it with planning a wedding. She mentioned about months of preparation, sleepless nights and plenty of hard work. This was certainly an incredible comparison. She also mentioned that after all the hard work she put into preparing for the conference she was able to get a great deal out of it. She also said that by the time she got there she was overwhelmed with excitement. Her enjoyment of all the things she had learned at the conference really impressed her. So the bottom line was that she was glad she finally got there and learned so much. Its amazing how much we can accomplish when we really try and put forth the effort.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blog Post #11-What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning from These Teachers?

The video Back To The Future was very interesting to me. I thought that this video brought some very interesting things about what kids notice and see. Kids are very alert to new things and new discoveries. The classroom became the highlight of the hour. When the weather balloon was mentioned, all the kids in the classroom really got enthusiastic because of the air balloon. They seemed interested in the paper that caught on fire in an instant. All of these things seemed to get the students interests. There is a possibility that because of the science fiction, this could have peaked their scientific interest and caused them to see a little deeper.

Blended Learning Cycle by Mr. Paul Andersen really brought out some new and interesting learning techniques. Mr. Andersen's blended learning cycle consisted of questions, investigation, videos, elaboration, review and summary quiz. He began by suggesting that questions were great to start off with students. The questions would certainly motivate students to inquire about more information and would allow them to investigate further. By seeing the videos, the students would certainly want to elaborate and explain their results. Gathering their information would only result in reviewing the results and ending in a summary quiz. Combining all of these avenues of learning would enable each student to use other resources to their own advantage.

Making Thinking Visible was very interesting to learn about. It emphasized about students being at the center stage of learning. Definite emphasis was put on the students and their visible way of seeing their learning process at work. Being able to visualize a new way of doing things would certainly help each student look at learning in a new and different way. We all visualize what we see in new and different ways, because our brains process things in different ways. This promotes engagement, understanding and independence for all learners.

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Summaries of C4K-Week #5, Week #6, and Week #7

C4K #5 First Impressions

Its true first impressions always get our attention. We shouldn't judge a situation until we have the complete facts about everything. Drawing from conclusions that are not clear can leave us with not having all the in- formation. On the other hand, we should try to make sure we leave the right impression the first time. This can make all the difference in the world of how people perceive us. It is necessary to try to leave good im- pressions with others.

This is my comment for Steve's blog on First Impressions:
First impressions are exactly the very first impression you get of a person. True we shouldn’t judge the situation based on some misleading information but we should seek to find out more information about what’s going on and then draw our conclusions from that. At the same time, we determine what our first impression will be by the impression we leave on others. It is our responsibility to try to leave the best impression we can.

C4K #6 PLAN Test Advice

Taking test is truly a chore at times. Trying to study for tests is a great deal of work. We should remember not to cram the information in all at once. By spacing the information we learn over a period of time can help our test-taking techniques so that we can better absorb the information quickly and accurately.

This is my comment on Trevian's blog:
Taking tests are truly hard and trying to remember all of your notes is even harder. Cramming isn’t always the answer. It’s best to take the time to study the material over a long period of time so that everything can be properly absorbed through the brain. I have never been able to adopt the ideal secret of taking tests but I do know it has to be done.

C4K #7My Life As A Stuntboy

Being a stuntboy is dynamic and exciting but as I said before you have a great deal of responsibilities. You must make sure that your school work and grades take top priority. You have only once to be a kid and take ad- vantage of your education. Please take it seriously. Going for your dream can happen later in life. Maybe by then you will be more mature for handling those adult responsibilities.

This is my comment on Derek's blog:
Derek, I think you have a full load of responsibilities to be concerned about. Seeking fame and popularity may seem like its important but it’s not. You really should concentrate on your grades right now. Your childhood is something you will never get back. So many young people are focused on getting famous in a movie, there’s plenty of time for that down the road in life. You never know how life will happen for you. You may get your big break later in life. Don’t give up on your dream! Many times a dream may come true later in life when you are more mature for it and can handle the responsibility of being an adult.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blog Post 10-What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

Mrs. Cassidy's video and interview with Dr. Strange, Cassidy 13 Part I was indeed very interesting and enlightening. She was able to leave us with a lot of great information about the Internet and how we should use it in a positive way to help students learn better. Although her students were relatively young, she was able to find useful ways to incooperate their interests in a useful way without compromising their safety or personal identity. I believe that some people don't realize the dangers that lurk around young children using the Internet. We should always supervise our young people carefully on these matters. We should never allow our youth or their precious identity to be compromised. Educational and appropriate material should be the prime reason why teachers should direct their students to the Internet. Mrs. Cassidy mentioned some very important points about that subject in her interview with Dr. Strange.

I admire and like her point-of-view on her personal teaching methods of elementary school students. Mrs. Cassidy came across as very believable and sincere in her method of teaching. She seems to enjoy her job and would be a great example for anyone that chooses a long-term career in the teaching field. To be a teacher should not be a chore. It should be a career that offers a new learning experience everyday. We as individuals should not choose teaching only as a daily job, but a suitable career that will last many, many years. I really believe that Mrs. Cassidy has found her true purpose in teaching others!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog Post IX-What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

The videos were very helpful in explaining the process of Project-Based Learning. The video, Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning explained the importance of students needing to know the relevance of the material. In doing a compelling project, it is necessary for students to be clear on how to launch an interesting project that is both educational and comprehendable for everyone. Teachers are responsible for activating their students and helping them to see the importance of doing an interesting project that will enhance and heighten their knowledge to a higher level.

Driving questions are necessary to have an interesting subject matter. Questions are able to give students the right to challenge themselves and bring out the main points in an important subject or theme. Without leading questions, there would not be a valid point to make. When referring to an attentive audience, we need to satisfy their need for getting the answers they deserve and accomplishing a purpose. Driving questions causes one to recall and remember the subject matter. Questions serve as a constant reminder of what should not be forgotten.

Students do have a voice to choose the resources that they use to get a project done. There are an abundance of resources that are available to every student. By taking advantage of these resources, they access their mind and intelligence to whatever is available and appropriate for their age and maturity level. We should always know as teachers that our students are very capable and reliable in getting the job done. They should always depend on their local libraries, website, newspaper articles and local magazines for correct and accurate information. By doing personal and investigative reporting, their knowledge can only be increased!

Project # 9

Thursday, March 12, 2015

C4T #2 Summary

Wait, what just happened?! (Launching a Conference)

You know you're not any different than any of the rest of us. We all get bored, tired and burned out. Join the club! It's so refreshing to see someone else like myself. Yes, it's happened to me too. Continue to be enthusiastic and motivated. Remember, you've made a choice to become a teacher and a professional. Keep driving for perfection. You can always keep a positive attitude. Believe in yourself! Believe that you have made the right choice to be a professional. You have made a great investment. Conferences are part of what a teacher is about. Try to see your teacher conferences as an opportunity to learn and become smarter.

This was my comment on her blog:
Carol Williams Said On 12-03-2015 I am very glad that you got to go to your teacher’s conference. From what you wrote, it seemed as if you were dreading every moment of getting there. If we truly put forth the effort to apply ourselves and see the importance of what we do and when we do it, it can motivate us to do even greater things. Keep trying and keep being motivated to go to your conferences. I’m sure you were able to learn a great deal when you finally got there.

How We Got to Now: a student created mini museum

I am so glad that I got a chance to read your blog. Inventions are really great. I am so glad that someone else gets excited when something is invented. This is what makes the world go round. Inventions are only new ideas. When we have ideas, this only means that our brain is throwing out tons of concepts. Imagine if we didn't have people in the world with a new way of doing things, the world would be a pretty boring place to be. Thanks for sharing your point-of-view.

This is my comment on her post:
Carol Williams Said On 12-03-2015 Your commentary about students inventing and producing projects was so interesting. I always enjoy reading about people being creative and inventing incredible stuff. It’s so important to motivate our kids and keep sending the right message about knowledge and the learning process. We never want to stifle them or hold them back in any way. One day we may have the privilege of teaching a very famous scientist, doctor or lawyer. To be apart of something like that would just be so incredible!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blog Post VIII-What Can We Learn From Randy Pausch?

Randy Pausch's video Inspirational Speech by Dr Randy Pausch On the Oprah Winfrey Show The Last Lecture Dr Pausch Pa was very interesting and personable. He expressed some of the thoughts he had when he was a little boy. Some of the dreams he mentioned in the video were not very huge dreams to me. They were just everyday dreams from a kid's point of view. Dreams are important in our lives but we should never forget that God does allow us to have good things in our life. It's so amazing how the Creator comes into play when good things are involved. I never forget that life can be so exciting and so fulfilling when we remember that we can have a spiritual connection. No matter whether it's the loving family we have, the great career we've chosen or the very close friends we have accumulated, we must remember that someone larger than ourselves are responsible for the beautiful things in our lives. Even meeting that awesome spouse or mate that we connect with forever is not by accident. We should never take those things for granted. To produce awesome, smart and incredible children who become an example of us and a wholesome imitation of us is just some huge gift from God!

People become so consumed with who they are, they somehow forget that there are other people around who contributed to their success either directly or indirectly. Having a fabulous career is great, but there are other things in life that matter too. Life is short, but if we waste our time on meaningless pursuits and childless endeavors we will lose sight of the important things in life. So we must prioritize and make a list of all the things that are truly important to us and take care of these things. In my life God has a special purpose in everything that I do and my family means a great deal to me. Lastly, my career comes in third place. Some people might think that because my career choices came in third place, that's the least important to me. That doesn't mean that my career is not important to me. I just learned to put first things first and last things last. It's so important to do that in life. Imagine living on earth for at least fifty or sixty years and wasting valuable time on things that don't really matter and finally realizing at the last minute there's no time to go back and correct all of those lost moments in time. We'll never get those moments back. What a loss! I hope that this will never be my situation in life. Loving and caring about the right people in life is so important. Being with family and friends should be the most important asset in our life. Remember, they are there for us when we fail, accomplish or succeed. Life is not always filled with accomplishments, but there are many disappointments that tend to throw us off track. We learn so much from everything that we go through in life. Being happy with who we are and not having any regrets is so important. We get so caught up in trying to be the most successful in life, the person with the highest income in life, or maybe we just want to drive the most expensive car or have the biggest house. It's all cosmetic. Bottom line, we have to learn to live with who we are. If we are happy and pleased with the person in the mirror that we see everyday, we have come to terms with what life really means to us.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blog Post VII

I think that Blog Post #7 expresses a great deal about the current technology that we use day to day. I listened to Dr. Strange interview two educators from the Eastern Shore community. They expressed how new technology in the classroom can be very helpful to students, teachers and educators. It makes learning much more interesting and available to everyone. Children are able to catch on quickly and adapt their learning patterns to whatever resources that are given them. I consider the new technology we have now as a personal library of knowledge and resources. There is no limit to what we can attain and learn as people.

I learned many ideas from the video We All Become Learners. The educators who were interviewed by Dr. Strange brought out some very interesting thoughts about kids and the new technology today. Mrs. Bennett mentioned how a student in the classroom was able to show her how to operate an iPad. She was extremely shocked and intrigued that someone so tiny could be so knowledgeable of such a device. This shows us as teachers and instructors that we can learn from our students. I was personally impressed with this young man in the video and how he was able to illustrate the use of the iPad.

While watching the video iPads In the Classroom. I learned that as teachers we will not be replaced by technology, but the video did bring out that as teachers of this modern age of technology and advancement we need to be on board with how to use many of the electronic devices available to us or else those teachers who are skilled in these areas will get the better jobs and possibly better pay. That is something that we should ponder and think about in a serious way. This really shows how teaching has evolved within this era. I hope that I can consume as much knowledge as possible to be able to keep up with the rapid advancement of the growing technology in the world in which we live. Learning means advancing and that's exciting to me as a teacher and educator!

Project 7 Part B

We were pretending to be teachers with our own class. These are the videos that I would show parents and students at the beginning of the year.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blog Post VI-What Can We Learn from Anthony Capps

The videos were very interesting to me. In the video Project Based Learning Part 1 I thought that Mr. Capps information about being a third grade teacher was very enlightening and encouraging. I was surprised to know that he was a recent graduate of South Alabama. That's very encouraging to know that he has some very interesting experiences to share. Being a teacher can be very rewarding because it allows you to teach and influence others for life. I thought that he was very practical in his wisdom of how to reach young minds. Kids are very energetic and quick to learn. They are always ready to learn new things. They really learn from examples. Mr. Capps has the right idea about teaching. He seems to be very patient and open to suggestions. It's true that as good teachers we need to teach but we also need to be open to learning from others. The best lessons that are learned are taught from others.

The video about iCurio: Conversations with Anthony was very enlightening. It brought out how students are able to use that website to get information for projects and do research for important information. This helps them in class to show what their research was about and perhaps help other students to gather information for their projects. The teacher is there to direct students to the right source for learning and inquiry. It will enable students to experiment and explore the unusual and the impossible. When they discover what's really out there, they become fascinated and want to learn much more. It's also nice to know that this website is safe and secure for elementary kids. There are so many websites on the Internet that are not kid friendly. Some are much to mature for our young people. It's so refreshing to know that we are personally looking out for our young people and not allowing them to become weighed down with things that they are not ready to digest in their young minds. We must make sure that we are a vehicle of filtering good things to our kids and not bad.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Project #7-Part A

Blog Post V-Personal Learning Network

I learned a great deal about the Personal Learning Network. The videos helped me to better understand what they were truly about. It was mentioned that basically there are people, learning tools, consultations and assistance set up to help teachers or students on their journey to learning. There was a student named Wendy, a seventh grader, who used the Personal Learning Network as a tool to do research for her science project in school. She was able to gather the vital information she needed for her assignment. This proved to be helpful and successful for her. I hope that when I become a teacher in the future this will become a great source of research and vital information for the students that I am able to help and assist.

Symbaloo was mentioned as one of the networks that was new to me on the Internet. This is my first time ever hearing about this network but I am sure that it will provide the help that I need as a teaching tool. I'm sure that when I am familiarized with what it does I will be able to use it effectively. I do research from the computer all the time. Whenever I am unsure of the accuracy of something, I always look up the facts and tabulate my findings to make sure that everything is correct. Being a teacher requires that we must research information and facts to help others. On that note, I view the Personal Learning Network as a personal library used to help find information when needed.

 A 7th Graders Personal Learning Environment
Personal Learning Network

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Project 15-Search Engines

Google Scholar is a search engine that helps one to be able to find special citations and papers.  It was created by Google and helps in locating different types of literature.

Dogpile is website that is paired with Google and Yahoo and this search engine has been associated
with an organization that clearly prevents the cruelty of animals nationwide. is a meta search engine that allows anyone to find what they need at any time. is also a meta search engine that is the mother of all search engines and allows you to find videos and images when you need them.  It also helps you to be able to locate jobs and employment. is a search engine that is combined with Yahoo and Google to help locate things like
shopping, jobs and videos.

Ms.Freckles helps to locates bloggers on this search engine.  It is also handy for finding scholarly
papers and other important information.

Radio-Locator is a search engine that has the largest radio station.  It can be used to find over
10,000 radio stations on its website.

Wink is the largest people search engine.  It provides addresses and phone numbers that are very
important.  This provides a way for people to network and locate one another.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Blog Post IV- How and What Questions to Ask?

Questions are vital in determining what information needs to be discussed.  It's only through by
asking the right questions that the correct answers can be given.  Helping students to want to
know the right answers require a great deal of speculation on the teacher's part.  We must be
concerned about our students on an educational level as to whether or not each student is able
to understand and comprehend the information correctly.

Some students are readily alert and quickly available to answer questions given by the teacher
in the classroom.  This shows their enthusiasm and quickness to learn the material.  By answering
the questions, indicates that those students are excited about learning and quick to share their
answers with other students in the classroom.

There are other students that are very quiet in class and reluctant to share their comments with
others in the classroom. They may be shy or coy.  This does not indicate that they are not smart
but simply unable to be as open as other students in the class.  Teachers should take notice of
this and recognize their capabilities as trying to be better students in the long run.

Sources I used for my blog post:
The Right Way to Ask Questions

man standing next to question mark

Friday, January 30, 2015

Blog Post III-Writing a Quality Blog Post

Learning the process of writing with good quality is very important.  The video and slides were very
helpful in reinforcing how to edit our peers and how to do it in the proper way.  I learned that it is
important to compliment someone's work first.  This lets them know that you are trying to be
helpful and positive.  We want to motivate and not insult.  Encouragement means a lot!

On the other hand, we must try to be constructive when we have to make corrections on some-
one's work.  This becomes important because we want to display work that is professional and
efficient.  In order to do this, we must proofread, redraft and edit so that the work we present to
others will reflect our intelligence and professionalism.  We must remember that everything we
do reflects who we are as individuals.

Peer Editing consists of staying positive and offering suggestions and details about the work being
presented. We must make sure that the words are chosen carefully to give details about the main
idea or theme of the story.  Sentences should be complete with proper punctuation and grammar.
Our spelling should be immaculate and a superlative form of excellence.

Becoming a great writer is an art simply because of the quality of work, suggestions, and corrections
given by our peers and associates.  The tedious work of editing and proofreading requires a great
deal of being organized aspiring to put out excellent work.  Without these things we will not be
able to be competent or persuasive with others.

These are the resources that I have used for this assignment.
Peer Editing
Writing Peer Review
Tutorial Peer Editing

peer edit

Friday, January 23, 2015

What will teaching in the 21st Century be like?

The central message of Mr. Dancealot is pretty simple and clear.  He is a dance teacher.  From looking at  the video,  it seems that he is attempting to show the students how to dance.  The author
shows the dance teacher making an exit from the classroom and leaving the students to the examples
of dancing that he has left for them.  They are left to experiment with the directions they have been
taught.  The students do not seem to have grasped the directions they were given.  It seems when
students neglect to pay attention to directions given in class by the teacher they basically are lost.
This is shown in the video with the students talking while the teacher is instructing.  I do not agree
with the conclusion, because I think students should be alert and adept to learning and instruction.
That's what learning is all about!

Roberts brings out the ways in which students can learn in the 21st Century by accepting the facts
about technology and the advancement of learning.  The classroom is not the only basis for learning.
Technology enables us to learn from other sources and to be creative in our learning process.  I do
believe that if Roberts is correct, it will and it should make teaching much more interesting in our
coming age of electronic exploration and change.

I think the networked student does need a teacher even though he seems to be very resourceful
in the video.  Even though he does have other options to learning, he needs the teacher there as
a motivator, articulater and translator for his thoughts and concepts.  She sets the example of  an
architect or builder for the ideas that's already in his head as a student.  I believe teachers serve
a very important position in the classroom as a leader.  They set the prime example of how
students can follow their lead successfully and win!

The thesis of Davis' video is to take in the information of her students enthusiasm to learn new
things.  When students are truly interested in what they are learning class is just much more interesting for everyone involved.  Ideas are floating everywhere from everyone and each student
is allowed to get involved with their own opinions. That's why teachers should always keep an
open mind to new things.

The movie "Who's Ahead in the Learning Race?" showed where elementary students were
certainly ahead in the learning race. They were more avid learners in the long run.

Flipping the classroom would certainly be something new.  I'm not sure at this moment and
time.  I think I would probably need more time to examine the pros and cons.
21st century teaching

The article "Bringing the Locker Room into the Classroom" was very interesting to read and
understand.  Dr. Owens showed in the article that learning is by example.  Many things can be
taught by a manual or book but by doing and putting what we learn into action gets results.
The article did bring out that there were teachers that experimented with his method of teaching
and received great results.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Blog Post I

The things that I heard about EDM310 consists of it being a class that requires a lot of  time in lab. Some have said it is very time-consuming.  Some people have said that is relatively hard.

In comparison with my other classes in high school and college, I think it does require a lot of independent work and thinking on my part.  I just hope that I can keep up with every project and every assignment in class.

I think the most difficult thing right now is mastering the technological part of keeping up with my
projects and assignments everyday.  Learning to master that will certainly help me to keep up with the class more effectively and efficiently.

The best way for me to address the "most difficult" aspect of EDM310 is to just face my worst fears and attempt to try to solve my largest problem.

My questions about EDM310 are as follows: how to do the work and how to keep up with class time and pace.  Right now, I don't have any immediate ideas but I am currently trying to find a way.

practice blog post

My name is Carol V. Williams.  I have always been enthusiastic about education. Knowledge is power.  I was born in Mobile, Al and  graduated from Theodore High School. My family is from
Mobile also. My mother and father both worked to keep me well-grounded as a kid growing up.
They always instilled in us the importance of working hard and accomplishing goals in life.
Because of those values,  my youngest brother was able to complete his degree at  the  University
of Alabama in Tuscaloosa as a Communications major in the area of television and broadcasting.
I am very proud of his accomplishments.

My personal interests are reading, cooking, and creative writing.  In the past, I attended Bishop
State College and Virginia College.  Upon completing my studies at Virginia College, my daughter
suggested that I should apply at South Alabama to get my teaching degree.  Of course,  I am al-
ready a substitute teacher in the Mobile County Public School System.  I am currently in my
ninth year with Mobile School System as a substitute teacher.  Because of  my experience as a
substitute teacher, this led me to consider studying to become a teacher.  I found as a substitute
teacher that so many students need the aid and assistance of  a responsible adult in their life.
Many children lack that guidance and direction in their life.

I would like to enter the field of education because I feel that I can be a guiding force for child-
ren that want to learn and accomplish great things in the world in which we live.  People that
have creative minds and a passion for knowledge should have a special place in the world.

My passion in life involves my creativity for writing.  To write creatively involves a great deal
of imagination and passion for the things that exist around us in the world.  I do believe that I
do that best!  Of all the things I would like to become a better cook.