Friday, January 16, 2015

Blog Post I

The things that I heard about EDM310 consists of it being a class that requires a lot of  time in lab. Some have said it is very time-consuming.  Some people have said that is relatively hard.

In comparison with my other classes in high school and college, I think it does require a lot of independent work and thinking on my part.  I just hope that I can keep up with every project and every assignment in class.

I think the most difficult thing right now is mastering the technological part of keeping up with my
projects and assignments everyday.  Learning to master that will certainly help me to keep up with the class more effectively and efficiently.

The best way for me to address the "most difficult" aspect of EDM310 is to just face my worst fears and attempt to try to solve my largest problem.

My questions about EDM310 are as follows: how to do the work and how to keep up with class time and pace.  Right now, I don't have any immediate ideas but I am currently trying to find a way.

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  1. Carol, I have also heard the same things about EDM 310. I was so nervous and still am about all of the assignments and work we will have to do. This class definitely is going to be very time consuming. I also agreee with you that keeping up with everything is going to be the most difficult part. I wish you the best of luck though!