Friday, January 23, 2015

What will teaching in the 21st Century be like?

The central message of Mr. Dancealot is pretty simple and clear.  He is a dance teacher.  From looking at  the video,  it seems that he is attempting to show the students how to dance.  The author
shows the dance teacher making an exit from the classroom and leaving the students to the examples
of dancing that he has left for them.  They are left to experiment with the directions they have been
taught.  The students do not seem to have grasped the directions they were given.  It seems when
students neglect to pay attention to directions given in class by the teacher they basically are lost.
This is shown in the video with the students talking while the teacher is instructing.  I do not agree
with the conclusion, because I think students should be alert and adept to learning and instruction.
That's what learning is all about!

Roberts brings out the ways in which students can learn in the 21st Century by accepting the facts
about technology and the advancement of learning.  The classroom is not the only basis for learning.
Technology enables us to learn from other sources and to be creative in our learning process.  I do
believe that if Roberts is correct, it will and it should make teaching much more interesting in our
coming age of electronic exploration and change.

I think the networked student does need a teacher even though he seems to be very resourceful
in the video.  Even though he does have other options to learning, he needs the teacher there as
a motivator, articulater and translator for his thoughts and concepts.  She sets the example of  an
architect or builder for the ideas that's already in his head as a student.  I believe teachers serve
a very important position in the classroom as a leader.  They set the prime example of how
students can follow their lead successfully and win!

The thesis of Davis' video is to take in the information of her students enthusiasm to learn new
things.  When students are truly interested in what they are learning class is just much more interesting for everyone involved.  Ideas are floating everywhere from everyone and each student
is allowed to get involved with their own opinions. That's why teachers should always keep an
open mind to new things.

The movie "Who's Ahead in the Learning Race?" showed where elementary students were
certainly ahead in the learning race. They were more avid learners in the long run.

Flipping the classroom would certainly be something new.  I'm not sure at this moment and
time.  I think I would probably need more time to examine the pros and cons.
21st century teaching

The article "Bringing the Locker Room into the Classroom" was very interesting to read and
understand.  Dr. Owens showed in the article that learning is by example.  Many things can be
taught by a manual or book but by doing and putting what we learn into action gets results.
The article did bring out that there were teachers that experimented with his method of teaching
and received great results.


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