Friday, January 30, 2015

Blog Post III-Writing a Quality Blog Post

Learning the process of writing with good quality is very important.  The video and slides were very
helpful in reinforcing how to edit our peers and how to do it in the proper way.  I learned that it is
important to compliment someone's work first.  This lets them know that you are trying to be
helpful and positive.  We want to motivate and not insult.  Encouragement means a lot!

On the other hand, we must try to be constructive when we have to make corrections on some-
one's work.  This becomes important because we want to display work that is professional and
efficient.  In order to do this, we must proofread, redraft and edit so that the work we present to
others will reflect our intelligence and professionalism.  We must remember that everything we
do reflects who we are as individuals.

Peer Editing consists of staying positive and offering suggestions and details about the work being
presented. We must make sure that the words are chosen carefully to give details about the main
idea or theme of the story.  Sentences should be complete with proper punctuation and grammar.
Our spelling should be immaculate and a superlative form of excellence.

Becoming a great writer is an art simply because of the quality of work, suggestions, and corrections
given by our peers and associates.  The tedious work of editing and proofreading requires a great
deal of being organized aspiring to put out excellent work.  Without these things we will not be
able to be competent or persuasive with others.

These are the resources that I have used for this assignment.
Peer Editing
Writing Peer Review
Tutorial Peer Editing

peer edit


  1. This is a great post! I like that you thoroughly explained each step in peer editing! There seems to be some type of formatting error where there is only one word per line in the middle of a paragraph. I hope this feedback helps! Very insightful post, Carol!

  2. Great post! Make sure to check for formatting issues before posting your blogs.