Friday, January 16, 2015

practice blog post

My name is Carol V. Williams.  I have always been enthusiastic about education. Knowledge is power.  I was born in Mobile, Al and  graduated from Theodore High School. My family is from
Mobile also. My mother and father both worked to keep me well-grounded as a kid growing up.
They always instilled in us the importance of working hard and accomplishing goals in life.
Because of those values,  my youngest brother was able to complete his degree at  the  University
of Alabama in Tuscaloosa as a Communications major in the area of television and broadcasting.
I am very proud of his accomplishments.

My personal interests are reading, cooking, and creative writing.  In the past, I attended Bishop
State College and Virginia College.  Upon completing my studies at Virginia College, my daughter
suggested that I should apply at South Alabama to get my teaching degree.  Of course,  I am al-
ready a substitute teacher in the Mobile County Public School System.  I am currently in my
ninth year with Mobile School System as a substitute teacher.  Because of  my experience as a
substitute teacher, this led me to consider studying to become a teacher.  I found as a substitute
teacher that so many students need the aid and assistance of  a responsible adult in their life.
Many children lack that guidance and direction in their life.

I would like to enter the field of education because I feel that I can be a guiding force for child-
ren that want to learn and accomplish great things in the world in which we live.  People that
have creative minds and a passion for knowledge should have a special place in the world.

My passion in life involves my creativity for writing.  To write creatively involves a great deal
of imagination and passion for the things that exist around us in the world.  I do believe that I
do that best!  Of all the things I would like to become a better cook.

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