Friday, February 6, 2015

Blog Post IV- How and What Questions to Ask?

Questions are vital in determining what information needs to be discussed.  It's only through by
asking the right questions that the correct answers can be given.  Helping students to want to
know the right answers require a great deal of speculation on the teacher's part.  We must be
concerned about our students on an educational level as to whether or not each student is able
to understand and comprehend the information correctly.

Some students are readily alert and quickly available to answer questions given by the teacher
in the classroom.  This shows their enthusiasm and quickness to learn the material.  By answering
the questions, indicates that those students are excited about learning and quick to share their
answers with other students in the classroom.

There are other students that are very quiet in class and reluctant to share their comments with
others in the classroom. They may be shy or coy.  This does not indicate that they are not smart
but simply unable to be as open as other students in the class.  Teachers should take notice of
this and recognize their capabilities as trying to be better students in the long run.

Sources I used for my blog post:
The Right Way to Ask Questions

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  1. I thought you did an outstanding job on your post. I liked how you broke up the students into two categories the enthusiastic students and the quiet students. I agree that some of the quiet students know the answer, but are reluctant to answer due to shyness or maybe they are afraid of getting the answer wrong. Again great job on your post.