Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blog Post VII

I think that Blog Post #7 expresses a great deal about the current technology that we use day to day. I listened to Dr. Strange interview two educators from the Eastern Shore community. They expressed how new technology in the classroom can be very helpful to students, teachers and educators. It makes learning much more interesting and available to everyone. Children are able to catch on quickly and adapt their learning patterns to whatever resources that are given them. I consider the new technology we have now as a personal library of knowledge and resources. There is no limit to what we can attain and learn as people.

I learned many ideas from the video We All Become Learners. The educators who were interviewed by Dr. Strange brought out some very interesting thoughts about kids and the new technology today. Mrs. Bennett mentioned how a student in the classroom was able to show her how to operate an iPad. She was extremely shocked and intrigued that someone so tiny could be so knowledgeable of such a device. This shows us as teachers and instructors that we can learn from our students. I was personally impressed with this young man in the video and how he was able to illustrate the use of the iPad.

While watching the video iPads In the Classroom. I learned that as teachers we will not be replaced by technology, but the video did bring out that as teachers of this modern age of technology and advancement we need to be on board with how to use many of the electronic devices available to us or else those teachers who are skilled in these areas will get the better jobs and possibly better pay. That is something that we should ponder and think about in a serious way. This really shows how teaching has evolved within this era. I hope that I can consume as much knowledge as possible to be able to keep up with the rapid advancement of the growing technology in the world in which we live. Learning means advancing and that's exciting to me as a teacher and educator!

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