Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog Post V-Personal Learning Network

I learned a great deal about the Personal Learning Network. The videos helped me to better understand what they were truly about. It was mentioned that basically there are people, learning tools, consultations and assistance set up to help teachers or students on their journey to learning. There was a student named Wendy, a seventh grader, who used the Personal Learning Network as a tool to do research for her science project in school. She was able to gather the vital information she needed for her assignment. This proved to be helpful and successful for her. I hope that when I become a teacher in the future this will become a great source of research and vital information for the students that I am able to help and assist.

Symbaloo was mentioned as one of the networks that was new to me on the Internet. This is my first time ever hearing about this network but I am sure that it will provide the help that I need as a teaching tool. I'm sure that when I am familiarized with what it does I will be able to use it effectively. I do research from the computer all the time. Whenever I am unsure of the accuracy of something, I always look up the facts and tabulate my findings to make sure that everything is correct. Being a teacher requires that we must research information and facts to help others. On that note, I view the Personal Learning Network as a personal library used to help find information when needed.

 A 7th Graders Personal Learning Environment
Personal Learning Network


  1. Great post, Carol! I could really tell you learned a lot from this assignment! I also learned a lot about PLN's as I did this blog post. I enjoyed reading this, keep up the good work!