Thursday, February 12, 2015

Project 15-Search Engines

Google Scholar is a search engine that helps one to be able to find special citations and papers.  It was created by Google and helps in locating different types of literature.

Dogpile is website that is paired with Google and Yahoo and this search engine has been associated
with an organization that clearly prevents the cruelty of animals nationwide. is a meta search engine that allows anyone to find what they need at any time. is also a meta search engine that is the mother of all search engines and allows you to find videos and images when you need them.  It also helps you to be able to locate jobs and employment. is a search engine that is combined with Yahoo and Google to help locate things like
shopping, jobs and videos.

Ms.Freckles helps to locates bloggers on this search engine.  It is also handy for finding scholarly
papers and other important information.

Radio-Locator is a search engine that has the largest radio station.  It can be used to find over
10,000 radio stations on its website.

Wink is the largest people search engine.  It provides addresses and phone numbers that are very
important.  This provides a way for people to network and locate one another.

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