Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blog Post VI-What Can We Learn from Anthony Capps

The videos were very interesting to me. In the video Project Based Learning Part 1 I thought that Mr. Capps information about being a third grade teacher was very enlightening and encouraging. I was surprised to know that he was a recent graduate of South Alabama. That's very encouraging to know that he has some very interesting experiences to share. Being a teacher can be very rewarding because it allows you to teach and influence others for life. I thought that he was very practical in his wisdom of how to reach young minds. Kids are very energetic and quick to learn. They are always ready to learn new things. They really learn from examples. Mr. Capps has the right idea about teaching. He seems to be very patient and open to suggestions. It's true that as good teachers we need to teach but we also need to be open to learning from others. The best lessons that are learned are taught from others.

The video about iCurio: Conversations with Anthony was very enlightening. It brought out how students are able to use that website to get information for projects and do research for important information. This helps them in class to show what their research was about and perhaps help other students to gather information for their projects. The teacher is there to direct students to the right source for learning and inquiry. It will enable students to experiment and explore the unusual and the impossible. When they discover what's really out there, they become fascinated and want to learn much more. It's also nice to know that this website is safe and secure for elementary kids. There are so many websites on the Internet that are not kid friendly. Some are much to mature for our young people. It's so refreshing to know that we are personally looking out for our young people and not allowing them to become weighed down with things that they are not ready to digest in their young minds. We must make sure that we are a vehicle of filtering good things to our kids and not bad.


  1. Carol,

    I agree with you completely about harmful internet sites. There are many sites that children should not see. When I was in high school, most sites were blocked and only sites that the school saw fit for learning did we have access to. This may be a good strategy, but I do not believe that any sites should be blocked, because in the real world children are not going to have any blocked sites. Children need to be taught which sites are educational and which sites are not for future use.
    Also, Mr. Capps was very inspirational to me, and it also shocked me to know that he used to be a student at U.S.A just like us!


  2. Carol,

    I completely agree with you about Anthony Capps. I think he is a man who definitely has the right idea about teaching. He is very insightful and all of his information was very helpful! The fact that he graduated from South was very inspirational to me. Good post!