Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blog Post VIII-What Can We Learn From Randy Pausch?

Randy Pausch's video Inspirational Speech by Dr Randy Pausch On the Oprah Winfrey Show The Last Lecture Dr Pausch Pa was very interesting and personable. He expressed some of the thoughts he had when he was a little boy. Some of the dreams he mentioned in the video were not very huge dreams to me. They were just everyday dreams from a kid's point of view. Dreams are important in our lives but we should never forget that God does allow us to have good things in our life. It's so amazing how the Creator comes into play when good things are involved. I never forget that life can be so exciting and so fulfilling when we remember that we can have a spiritual connection. No matter whether it's the loving family we have, the great career we've chosen or the very close friends we have accumulated, we must remember that someone larger than ourselves are responsible for the beautiful things in our lives. Even meeting that awesome spouse or mate that we connect with forever is not by accident. We should never take those things for granted. To produce awesome, smart and incredible children who become an example of us and a wholesome imitation of us is just some huge gift from God!

People become so consumed with who they are, they somehow forget that there are other people around who contributed to their success either directly or indirectly. Having a fabulous career is great, but there are other things in life that matter too. Life is short, but if we waste our time on meaningless pursuits and childless endeavors we will lose sight of the important things in life. So we must prioritize and make a list of all the things that are truly important to us and take care of these things. In my life God has a special purpose in everything that I do and my family means a great deal to me. Lastly, my career comes in third place. Some people might think that because my career choices came in third place, that's the least important to me. That doesn't mean that my career is not important to me. I just learned to put first things first and last things last. It's so important to do that in life. Imagine living on earth for at least fifty or sixty years and wasting valuable time on things that don't really matter and finally realizing at the last minute there's no time to go back and correct all of those lost moments in time. We'll never get those moments back. What a loss! I hope that this will never be my situation in life. Loving and caring about the right people in life is so important. Being with family and friends should be the most important asset in our life. Remember, they are there for us when we fail, accomplish or succeed. Life is not always filled with accomplishments, but there are many disappointments that tend to throw us off track. We learn so much from everything that we go through in life. Being happy with who we are and not having any regrets is so important. We get so caught up in trying to be the most successful in life, the person with the highest income in life, or maybe we just want to drive the most expensive car or have the biggest house. It's all cosmetic. Bottom line, we have to learn to live with who we are. If we are happy and pleased with the person in the mirror that we see everyday, we have come to terms with what life really means to us.


  1. Carol,

    First of all, thank you for such an amazing read! Your thoughts about prioritizing the things that are most important in your life are truly touching. Some of your thoughts are completely beautiful and if we all thought that way, it'd be a better world for sure. It's true that there are many disappointments in life and we must stay on track and not let those things throw us off of our course. The only critique I would have to say is that you didn't mention anything to do with how he used Project Based Learning or Technology in his classroom and he emphasized the importance of equipping our students with the tools that will help them succeed and dive even further into their studies (and actually enjoy it)! Your thoughts truly are wonderful and I loved reading your post.

    -Courtney :)