Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blog Post IX-What Can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?

The videos were very helpful in explaining the process of Project-Based Learning. The video, Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning explained the importance of students needing to know the relevance of the material. In doing a compelling project, it is necessary for students to be clear on how to launch an interesting project that is both educational and comprehendable for everyone. Teachers are responsible for activating their students and helping them to see the importance of doing an interesting project that will enhance and heighten their knowledge to a higher level.

Driving questions are necessary to have an interesting subject matter. Questions are able to give students the right to challenge themselves and bring out the main points in an important subject or theme. Without leading questions, there would not be a valid point to make. When referring to an attentive audience, we need to satisfy their need for getting the answers they deserve and accomplishing a purpose. Driving questions causes one to recall and remember the subject matter. Questions serve as a constant reminder of what should not be forgotten.

Students do have a voice to choose the resources that they use to get a project done. There are an abundance of resources that are available to every student. By taking advantage of these resources, they access their mind and intelligence to whatever is available and appropriate for their age and maturity level. We should always know as teachers that our students are very capable and reliable in getting the job done. They should always depend on their local libraries, website, newspaper articles and local magazines for correct and accurate information. By doing personal and investigative reporting, their knowledge can only be increased!


  1. Carol,
    Great post! I really liked your paragraph on the importance of questions. It is very true that questions valid necessary points and allow a student to expand his or her knowledge. Project-based learning is so important and I hope to make it useful in my classroom. Keep up the good work!

  2. Carol,

    The points you made are so agreeable. I totally agree with you when you said that driving questions should be a challenge for the student and that without them, there would be no valid point to make. It's also true that these questions should serve asa constant reminder of what shouldn't be forgotten because when a student remembers how interesting and challenging their question was, their brain won't let them forget it! Students DO have a voice to choose their own resources because when we let them do it on their own, they're also able to teach us something if the correct research is done. Great post!