Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Blog Post 10-What Can We Learn From Mrs. Cassidy?

Mrs. Cassidy's video and interview with Dr. Strange, Cassidy 13 Part I was indeed very interesting and enlightening. She was able to leave us with a lot of great information about the Internet and how we should use it in a positive way to help students learn better. Although her students were relatively young, she was able to find useful ways to incooperate their interests in a useful way without compromising their safety or personal identity. I believe that some people don't realize the dangers that lurk around young children using the Internet. We should always supervise our young people carefully on these matters. We should never allow our youth or their precious identity to be compromised. Educational and appropriate material should be the prime reason why teachers should direct their students to the Internet. Mrs. Cassidy mentioned some very important points about that subject in her interview with Dr. Strange.

I admire and like her point-of-view on her personal teaching methods of elementary school students. Mrs. Cassidy came across as very believable and sincere in her method of teaching. She seems to enjoy her job and would be a great example for anyone that chooses a long-term career in the teaching field. To be a teacher should not be a chore. It should be a career that offers a new learning experience everyday. We as individuals should not choose teaching only as a daily job, but a suitable career that will last many, many years. I really believe that Mrs. Cassidy has found her true purpose in teaching others!


  1. Hi Carol!

    I definitely agree with your statement that "Teaching should not be a chore." Being a teacher is not something that you just "fall back on" and stress about constantly. It should be something that you are passionate about. If you believe it to be a chore and treat it as though it is one, it will reflect in your teaching. Part of making the classroom an enjoyable place for your students is enjoying being in it yourself. Great post!