Thursday, March 26, 2015

Summaries of C4K-Week #5, Week #6, and Week #7

C4K #5 First Impressions

Its true first impressions always get our attention. We shouldn't judge a situation until we have the complete facts about everything. Drawing from conclusions that are not clear can leave us with not having all the in- formation. On the other hand, we should try to make sure we leave the right impression the first time. This can make all the difference in the world of how people perceive us. It is necessary to try to leave good im- pressions with others.

This is my comment for Steve's blog on First Impressions:
First impressions are exactly the very first impression you get of a person. True we shouldn’t judge the situation based on some misleading information but we should seek to find out more information about what’s going on and then draw our conclusions from that. At the same time, we determine what our first impression will be by the impression we leave on others. It is our responsibility to try to leave the best impression we can.

C4K #6 PLAN Test Advice

Taking test is truly a chore at times. Trying to study for tests is a great deal of work. We should remember not to cram the information in all at once. By spacing the information we learn over a period of time can help our test-taking techniques so that we can better absorb the information quickly and accurately.

This is my comment on Trevian's blog:
Taking tests are truly hard and trying to remember all of your notes is even harder. Cramming isn’t always the answer. It’s best to take the time to study the material over a long period of time so that everything can be properly absorbed through the brain. I have never been able to adopt the ideal secret of taking tests but I do know it has to be done.

C4K #7My Life As A Stuntboy

Being a stuntboy is dynamic and exciting but as I said before you have a great deal of responsibilities. You must make sure that your school work and grades take top priority. You have only once to be a kid and take ad- vantage of your education. Please take it seriously. Going for your dream can happen later in life. Maybe by then you will be more mature for handling those adult responsibilities.

This is my comment on Derek's blog:
Derek, I think you have a full load of responsibilities to be concerned about. Seeking fame and popularity may seem like its important but it’s not. You really should concentrate on your grades right now. Your childhood is something you will never get back. So many young people are focused on getting famous in a movie, there’s plenty of time for that down the road in life. You never know how life will happen for you. You may get your big break later in life. Don’t give up on your dream! Many times a dream may come true later in life when you are more mature for it and can handle the responsibility of being an adult.

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