Thursday, April 2, 2015

Blog Post #11-What Can We Learn About Teaching and Learning from These Teachers?

The video Back To The Future was very interesting to me. I thought that this video brought some very interesting things about what kids notice and see. Kids are very alert to new things and new discoveries. The classroom became the highlight of the hour. When the weather balloon was mentioned, all the kids in the classroom really got enthusiastic because of the air balloon. They seemed interested in the paper that caught on fire in an instant. All of these things seemed to get the students interests. There is a possibility that because of the science fiction, this could have peaked their scientific interest and caused them to see a little deeper.

Blended Learning Cycle by Mr. Paul Andersen really brought out some new and interesting learning techniques. Mr. Andersen's blended learning cycle consisted of questions, investigation, videos, elaboration, review and summary quiz. He began by suggesting that questions were great to start off with students. The questions would certainly motivate students to inquire about more information and would allow them to investigate further. By seeing the videos, the students would certainly want to elaborate and explain their results. Gathering their information would only result in reviewing the results and ending in a summary quiz. Combining all of these avenues of learning would enable each student to use other resources to their own advantage.

Making Thinking Visible was very interesting to learn about. It emphasized about students being at the center stage of learning. Definite emphasis was put on the students and their visible way of seeing their learning process at work. Being able to visualize a new way of doing things would certainly help each student look at learning in a new and different way. We all visualize what we see in new and different ways, because our brains process things in different ways. This promotes engagement, understanding and independence for all learners.


  1. Hello Carol! I agree, these videos were interesting to watch. I learned a lot from them. Students today are very different from what they used to be. They do notice and see everything. As teachers, we must be aware of that and teach them in ways that are engaging and fun. Learning and staying up with technology is important as a teacher. Great post!