Thursday, April 16, 2015

Blog Post #13

How Should Teachers Reward Students When They Behave and Do the Right Thing? 

These are pertinent questions that teachers should entertain throughout the classroom. We all know how to reprimand and punish students when they don't behave, but how do we handle the situation when they are positive and resolve to do the right thing in all respects. Just how does a good teacher handle that situation. We in turn must let our students know when they keep the code of good conduct, good manners and politeness in the classroom. We can remember back when we were small and in school and when we got a happy face or a golden star on a fantastic paper we wrote or if we drew this great picture that was hung on the classroom bulletin board for everyone to see. The joy we must have felt as a young person to be cheered on for being great at something or just doing the right thing! Kids need to know when they are in the right lane. We have to let them know when they are smart and when they have all the right answers.

Driving Question: What are some great suggestions and ideas on how to reward our kids when they do the right thing?

Please watch the following videos to help guide you on this assignment:

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