Friday, April 10, 2015


C4T-123D Design was talking about the way to get ideas into 3-D. It helps students to create their own videos and ideas for class. These ideas are able to help with creative design and invention. The students have access to modern printers and they can print out creations of design. I think that this is a fabulous way to get students interested in creating inventions and making the world a more creative place to be. We need to motivate our kids on becoming bigger and better inventors. The future hinges on people who can produce magnificent devices in a more technological world in which we live.

Launching a Conference was very interesting because it mentioned about a teacher getting ready for a conference and comparing it with planning a wedding. She mentioned about months of preparation, sleepless nights and plenty of hard work. This was certainly an incredible comparison. She also mentioned that after all the hard work she put into preparing for the conference she was able to get a great deal out of it. She also said that by the time she got there she was overwhelmed with excitement. Her enjoyment of all the things she had learned at the conference really impressed her. So the bottom line was that she was glad she finally got there and learned so much. Its amazing how much we can accomplish when we really try and put forth the effort.

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